Workshop :  Become the Mentor You Wish You Had


About this Workshop

This interactive workshop on mentorship will provide you with highly practical mentoring tools to support you not only in the WiRE Hub, but also in other mentoring and coaching in your business and entrepreneurial journey with staff, stakeholders and clients.  Whilst the tools and content will focus on group coaching and mentoring, many of these skills can be applied to one on one  mentoring.

Topics covered:

  • Preparing for the mentor relationship

  • Having a mindset for success

  • Phases of the mentoring relationship

  • Setting the ground rules and expectations with the group

  • Setting objectives and outcomes with a group

  • Understanding how people learn and communicate

  • How to embrace humor

  • The fundamentals of building trust

 This workshop is a prerequisite to acting as a mentor in the WiRE Hub Program.



Prof Retha Wiesner, WiRE Program Director



Tara Jacobsen-Neven

Tara Jacobsen-Neven is an experienced entrepreneur, business strategist, facilitator, and collective leadership specialist. Tara has over 20 years experience in applying strategy to corporate learning and development, education, business growth and organisational development.

An expert in human and social capital development, Tara uses new insights into providing a strategic approach to building and executing social capital solutions to build more productive, resilient and change-agile teams, organisations and communities. Tara’s key fundamental philosophy is that we build human capital value in organisations by enhancing the way we structure our organisations and how we develop our people in order to best operate in the ‘wisdom age’. She has been successful in connecting people and organisations to collaborate to build sustainable and embedded learning which supports organisation and people skill development.  Tara has a number of years experience as keynote speaker and master of ceremonies at a number of Australian industry conferences on subjects such as leadership, culture development, social and human capital value. She also sits on a number of boards and committees in various roles and volunteers for a number of community groups.

Tara contributes frequently to a range of local and state publications and is a regular writer for the international My Entrepreneur
e-magazine. She is currently writing a book on the invisible threads that connect people and how to use this for personal and professional development to enhance social capital value.  Tara holds a number of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in business including a Master of Business Administration, and she will soon be commencing her PhD through USQ.

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WiRE Program Partner for this Workshop

This Workshop is financially supported by the Queensland Government through its Advancing Women in Business (AWB) initiative. This initiative encourages and supports more women to start and grow their own businesses by: facilitating and strengthening connectivity between Queensland Government and women’s groups across the State and amongst women’s networking groups; effectively engaging women in Office of Small Business activities such as grants, events and mentoring; boosting women as mentors on the Mentoring for Growth program; and ensuring the tools, skills and opportunities needed by women are available as part of Office of Small Business activities.