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  • enable you to find, work with, learn from, and share learnings with a range of mentors and experts; 

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Still wondering if you should register?  These are the learning areas that are addressed in the program:  

  • How to be more entrepreneurial

  • The process for establishing a small business

  • How to turn an idea into a business

  • Identifying what is holding me back

  • Developing my venture’s value proposition

  • Developing an innovative business model

  • Creating the overall strategy/roadmap for my business/venture

  • Conducting a competitor analysis

  • Creating and running an online business

  • Deciding what products to sell

  • What channels are the best

  • How to access business support

  • How to develop a growth mindset

  • Finding a good mentor

  • Creating digital content

  • Pitch myself and my products effectively

  • Pricing my product/s

  • Identifying the right customers

  • Using the most effective channels of communication with my customer segments

  • How to plan for and how to design and build an effective website

  • Optimising my relationships with my customers

  • Optimising revenue streams and pricing my product/service

  • Optimising the key activities in my venture/business

  • Building partnerships

  • Cost structures

  • Marketing analysis and marketing my business

  • Optimising my business operations (logistics)

  • Techniques to sell online

  • Tools to sell online

  • How to launch my business

  • How to grow my business

  • How to build an online authority

  • How to use social media strategies to grow my venture/business

  • Turning my passion project into a business

  • Branding me and my business/venture

  • Navigating legal considerations

  • Preparing a cash flow budget

  • Reviewing actual expenditure and income

  • Navigating big picture accounting considerations

  • Media skills

  • Developing my self confidence skills

  • Family business governance

  • Tech must haves for your business

  • Developing a blog

  • Creating and delivering podcasts

  • Utilising video for web

  • Enhanced knowledge on financing small businesses using loans and grants

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills on doing Internet research

  • Effective networking skills

  • Building a high performance team

  • Presentation skills

  • Communicating with purpose

  • Fund raising

  • Managing and leading people

  • Conflict management skills

  • Crowdfunding

  • Conducting a risk analysis

  • Understanding intellectual property

  • Entrepreneurial leadership

  • And some others.

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