Webinar : Systems, Structure and Support Strategies
to Progress Your Venture

What to Expect

How much time do you spend working in your business on tasks that anyone could do?

Do you find that your customers' experience is directly related to how busy or tired you feel?

Using Digital Systems and having Structured processes help create awesome customer experience and Support can free up your time to enjoy your venture and find balance in your life.

Learn about:

  • creating sales process flows to provide a seamless experience for you, your team and your customer

  • automation: digital systems and tools to run your business efficiently

  • what to think about if you are considering outsourcing part of your process flow


What you will need

Internet connection and computer or phone (preferably with headset – mobile or landline)
Your log-in links which you will receive after you have registered for the webinar (click on the appropriate link to access the webinar) 


Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor is the Community Manager for the Canvas Coworking Space, where she shares her passion for people, new ideas, collaboration, and embracing digital opportunities. Canvas Coworking Inc. is a not-for-profit association and Toowoomba’s first and only coworking space for startups, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Canvas Coworking is a creative, digital hub for the Darling Downs and South West Queensland.

The organisation:

  • encourages entrepreneurship through supporting the region’s startup ecosystem

  • fosters social enterprises

  • develops partnerships between skilled mentors, freelancers and entrepreneurs

  • fosters collaboration and the growth of innovative businesses to drive the region’s economic growth

Joy is also a Project Officer on the WiRE Program


Ben Carter, Director of Yoonet Pty Ltd

Ben Carter - round.jpg

Ben Carter is the Director of Yoonet Pty Ltd, a company he founded over 13 years ago. Ben combines his experience in sales, outsourcing and automation to help business owners increase profits and decrease hours in the business. Being incorporated in the Phillippines allows Ben to create a hyper efficient business and offer all he serves integrated marketing, system automation and administration support. In this session, Ben will share his favourite applications, how to approach the complex task of systemising a business and where outsourcing can give drive leverage and ensure a profitable business.


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