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About this workshop

Behind every venture is a great story. The trick is being able to tell it. In this virtual workshop you will have the chance to uncover – and then start to tell – your own story. This is not about digital marketing, glossy brochures or social media advertising. This is taking a step back, starting with your venture's why – your raison d'etre – and considering what's at the heart of what you do. You will build your own venture profile and take the first steps toward identifying what you want to say – and, most importantly, how to say it.

In this session you will

  • Start to develop your venture's vernacular

  • Create a venture bio and see how that underpins your overall messaging

  • Discover how the right words and content will create compelling digital marketing opportunities

What you will need

  • Internet connection and computer or phone (preferably with headset)

  • paper and pen


Joy Taylor
Co-Founder and Community Manager-  Canvas Coworking


Meredith Papas
Proprietor at iScribe Consulting

Meredith Papas.jpg

Meredith Papas has been telling people's stories for almost 25 years. She knows the power of words and messaging in developing an organisation's (or an individual's) personal narrative. Meredith started out as a journo, has held editorships at prolific newspapers throughout regional Queensland and worked as a senior editorial executive at one of the country's biggest regional news organisations. She is a skilled facilitator and speaker and, now working in the entrepreneurial small business space, she works with individuals and organisations throughout the country to help them uncover and share their stories. She builds their profile, develops brand and (most importantly) underpins their growth in line with the core values that are at the heart of what they do.

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