Workshop 4: Implement Strategic Systems for Success

Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 12:00 pm



About this workshop

A follow on from WiRE Webinar 5: Systems, Structure and Support Strategies, this virtual workshop will help you to visualise the path your customer takes when interacting with you, and to find simple ways to streamline that process by automating steps to ensure your customers' experience is above expectations. Removing manual tasks and improving customer satisfaction is a win-win for every business owner, as it gives back time to spend doing the parts of your business or project that you love... and happy customers mean repeat business and referrals!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • create a process map and identify the weak points
  • find digital solutions to automate the mundane/repetitive/day-to-day tasks
  • strategically filter incoming data/emails to avoid double handling information

What you will need:
  - Internet connection and computer or phone (preferably with headset)
  - large sheet of paper
  - post-it notes and coloured pens OR a whiteboard and coloured markers
  - access to your email inbox


Joy Taylor  
Co-Founder and Community Manager-  Canvas Coworking



Bronwyn Reid
Author of Small Company, Big Business

Bronwyn is a business consultant, mentor and educator, and specialise in helping small business do business with big business. Best known for her strong business and community engagement roles in regional Queensland as a speaker, mentor and collaborator, Bronwyn is also the co-founder of Mining for Business and 4T Consultants Pty Ltd. Her expertise lies with people, procedures, systems and processes that ensure a business is profitable, sustainable and reliable.


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