Workshop 1: Prepare To Be Successful On Purpose

July 18, 2017

About this Workshop

How often do you think about doing something, then some time later, you see someone else succeeding and think, "That was my idea", "I was going to do that" or "I wish I could do that"?

Benjamin Franklin said "Those who fail to plan are planning to fail", and he was right.

Join in on this interactive virtual workshop, to take the steps to discover what it is that you really want to accomplish during the next 3 months, and then make an actionable plan that will set you up for success...however, this workshop is not just about goal setting and making a list. 

In this 2 hour workshop you will:

  • determine three goals that you need to achieve to move your venture forward
  • gain clarity of why these are important to you and your venture
  • specify rewards for meeting your milestones and goals
  • acknowledge the consequences of not following through
  • identify potential roadblocks and methods to keep moving forward
  • create a clear list of SMART action steps and milestones
  • discover tools and resources to manage your process and progress
  • allocate the time required to take action then what?

You have probably made a list what is different about this list?
It considers the factors that stop us from following through and has a next step! 

As women, we can have a tendency to put the needs of others above our own. However, when we have committed to someone else that we will do something, we get it done. Following your registration to view this workshop, you will be invited to submit an expression of interest to join a WiRE Hub, where you will meet other amazing regional, rural and remote women who are building their own venture...together you will help each other to stay on track and keep moving forward with your actions to achieve your goals, collectively. You will be part of a team, and they are counting on you! 

If you are planning to participate in the WiRE Hub Program, this workshop is a prerequisite to participate in the WiRE Hub Program.



Joy Taylor  

Joy Taylor of The WiRE Program

Joy is the Co-Founder and Community Manager of Canvas Coworking Space in Toowoomba, Qld, where she supports entrepreneurs by creating a collaborative community environment and hosting programmes designed to build capability, capacity and confidence. As the mother of two teenage children, Joy loves to travel with them to experience new environments, cultures and opportunities around the world.

To encourage other mothers to lean in and create opportunities which combine their passion with positive financial outcomes, Joy developed the AIM - Accelerating Innovative Mumpreneurs programme which incorporates a holistic approach to managing business growth with family requirements and personal development, which she facilitates in collaboration with mentors from the local community. To support youth to create a path to make an impact, rather than just get a job, Joy is encouraging youth to explore the opportunities that entrepreneurship and digital knowledge can provide. Joy created Founderfest to provide teenagers with an
entrepreneurship experience, in a guided and supported way, encouraging collaboration with peers and mentors, to recognise their potential by focusing on their strengths and the benefits of being part of a team with others who enjoy different aspects of business development.

In 2016, Joy became a Champion for CoderDojo, creating the local chapter of this international organisation that teaches children how to become creators of technology by teaching them to read and write code. These activities have resulted in Joy being recognised in 2016 as an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion.

Joy is excited by the opportunity to learn a lot more about the needs of the people, businesses and communities of Rural, Regional & Remote Queensland as part of a collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland and Ausindustry to create and deliver the WiRE - Women in Regional Enterprise program... connecting women in a way that will encourage collaboration, innovation and disruption to the status quo.  

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