The WiRE Virtual Hub Program is a 12 week entrepreneurial journey for an achievement and outcomes-focused experience - A road-map to success!


HUB 1 Dates:  THE WEEKS OF 4 SEPTEMBER 2017 - 26 NOVEMBER 2017

(Applications have now closed for participation in the first round of the WiRE Hubs Program)


Participation in a WiRE Hub is what YOU need to accomplish your #1 goal in 12 weeks!

We’ve all tried holding ourselves accountable and failed. Why? We’re human and we somehow find excuses why we don’t achieve our entrepreneurial goals.  Together with others in our Hub holding us accountable and a WiRE goal setting path, we can produce awesome results in a short time.

The WiRE Hub process you will participate in, is designed to provide you with the direction and accountability to accomplish that a business or professional goal that has been elusive for far too long.  If you can commit to the WiRE Hub process, it will deliver an accomplished outcome to you.

What is a WiRE Hub?

A WiRE Hub is a highly interactive, participatory structure for entrepreneurial women to progress their entrepreneurial journeys. The objectives are twofold: Firstly, for participants to set an entrepreneurial intention or outcome and work actively toward this over a 12 week period whilst supported by a group of like-minded peers, mentors and coaches.  Second to build, share, and express knowledge though a process of open dialogue and deep reflection around issues or problems with a focus on goal achievement and accountability. 

WiRE Hubs take advantage of interactive online and social networking tools to achieve entrepreneurial goals and learning in a collaborative context over distances following a timeline from the open to close of the hub. The achievements of hub participants are celebrated and showcased with approval of hub participants at the formal conclusion of the hub although informal continuation of the hub is encouraged.

During the WiRE Hub program, you will attend facilitated virtual interactive hub sessions each week at a specific time (same time every week) to work on your idea individually (or in teams if that is what is preferred).  With support from peers in your hub and guidance/assistance from the Hub facilitator (and experts and mentors), you will achieve your idea over a 12 week period.
Each hub session is designed to help progress your idea/goal/project to a stage that meet your overall objective for the 12 weeks.

Some examples of potential goals are:

(1)        you may decide to progress your idea over the 12 weeks to a prototype stage ready for market testing and validation; or

(2)        you may already have a prototype that you wish to test and validate over the 12 weeks’ or

(3)        you may wish to start, develop and execute a marketing campaign for your idea/project;

(4)         you may wish to start, develop and execute a personal and/or product/service branding campaign;

(5)        you may want to develop/innovate your business model over the 12 weeks 

(6)        you may wish to develop your business plan over the 12 weeks;

(7)        you may wish to develop a funding pitch that will be investable after 12 weeks.

We are extremely excited to see what ideas/goals you would like to work on and develop over the 12 weeks period!

What's in it for Hub Members? 

  • The opportunity to link, share, learn and be supported by like-minded entrepreneurial women that you won't otherwise have access to. 
  • The opportunity to be supported by entrepreneurial mentors, coaches and experts. 
  • The opportunity to be part of a unique entrepreneurial community where you can learn from each other's mistakes, exchange tips of the trade, pass on knowledge, make connections, learn new business skills and be held accountable for your entrepreneurial progress.
  • Achieving your set goal in twelve weeks!

Selection Criteria for Becoming a WiRE Hub Member

Are you:

  • A regional, remote or rural female professional or entrepreneur that has an idea for a start-up, in the process of start up or on your way with business development?
  • Able to commit for 12 weeks to the WiRE Hubs program and able to meet online with your Hub peers and facilitator for an hour a week a specific set time?
  • Willing to set clear business/venture and personal intentions and goals for the 12 week program and have the time and focus to work towards these outcomes?
  • Willing to participate in WiRE Workshop 1: “Prepare To Be Successful On Purpose” OR view the recording of this workshop and complete relevant tasks (This Workshop on Goal-Setting and Accountability is a prerequisite to participation in a WiRE Hub) 

  • Open to an exchange of ideas and learning through participating in the WiRE Hubs and associated online forums and events?
  • Ready to embark on a life-changing relationship and join a vibrant peer mentoring community?
  • Willing to participate in self and program evaluation elements to gauge your progress, experience and overall evaluation of the program. 

Are you interested in becoming a Hub Mentor? 

As part of the WiRE Hubs Program we are seeking expressions of interest from potential members who are interested in becoming a Hub Mentor and who have previous mentoring, coaching or people facilitation experience.

Why be a WiRE Mentor?

As a WiRE Hub Mentor, you will have the opportunity to complete a practical and applied education program for upskilling mentoring and coaching skills. This is ideal for those women who intend to add a group or individual coaching product to their business or simply would like to upskill their mentoring and coaching skills.

Mentors will be able to:

  •  enhance their personal life skills and self-awareness through training and discussion
  •  relate to other entrepreneurial women in a semi-structured environment
  • develop a panel and network of peers throughout the regions
  •  be a part of an active, caring and supportive group that share common values and beliefs
  • have access to your own mentor and coach for one on one sessions if required
  • opportunity to connect onto the state government women in business program as a panel mentor for growth

The role of Hub Mentor is to:

  • motivate, encourage and coordinate a cohesive approach in a hub of 6 - 8 entrepreneurial women
  • provide mentorship where required in the hub
  • facilitating the flow of hub discussions
  • act as connector between the hub and the WiRE Hub coordinator regarding the needs and goals of the hub participants. This may include advocating the needs/issues important to hub participants to the Hub Coordinator (and where relevant the WiRE Program Director)
  • coordinate the documentation of the outcomes of your Hub participants. This may include coordinating progress tracking of hub participants, data collection from hub participants (where relevant), contributing to articles and new letters relevant to the WiRE Program
  • encourage hub participants to participate in hub and WiRE Program activities
  • promote the success of the hub to the WiRE Program Team so they can promote the hub more widely through the program
  • collaborate with the WiRE coordinator to assist the hub and its members to progress their goals



We will be running another round of WiRE Hubs later in the WiRE Program should you be unable to participate in this first round of Hubs.


The WiRE program is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.