WiRE Hubs Autumn Program


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HUB DATES:  4 february 2019 - 29 April 2019

The WiRE Program will be conducting its fourth Hub Program starting in February 2019. The Hub Program is a 12 week entrepreneurial sprint that supports you to  achieve A CLEAR INTENTION  for your venture, idea or business   

This Hub Program will consist of two main facilitated Hubs Streams consisting of at least 20 women each. One Hub Stream is funded by The Advanced Regional Innovation Program (ARIP), to assist women in Ipswich and West Moreton (inclusive of Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley) to overcome entrepreneurial barriers and start or grow their ventures. The other Hub Stream is supported by the Queensland Government’s Advancing Women in Business Initiative to support women in rural, regional and remote enterprises across Queensland in developing their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Who can apply?

We invite applications from women in rural, regional and remote enterprises across rural, regional and remote Queensland, but especially encourage women in Ipswich and West Moreton (inclusive of Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley) to apply since one of the Hub Streams is supported by The Advanced Regional Innovation Program (ARIP). However places are limited, so get your application in ASAP!

Why join the WiRE Hub Program?

We believe women ANYWHERE are capable of achieving ANYTHING.

Following the success of the first three Hub Programs, the WiRE Program is inviting Rural,Regional and Remote women to apply to join the WiRE Hubs Autumn Program 2019.

Participation in a WiRE Hub is what YOU need to accomplish your #1 entrepreneurial aim at the moment across a 12 weeks period.

We have often set goals in our life and not achieved them or fell short of our goal. At WIRE, we go beyond goals and work with living a life and running our businesses with intention. By setting intentions and breaking that down into 3 main milestones over the 12 weeks it allows the flexibility to explore the ideation  stage of a new idea, product or service in your business growth journey without getting to the end of the 12 weeks sprint and feeling like we have failed because the goal changed ( which can be a good thing).  An intention is greater than any goal you will ever set it acts as a compass to guide the journey.   Together with others in our Hub holding us accountable and a WiRE intention planning approach , we can produce awesome results in a short time.

With regular accountability, access to experts and advisers and the support of like-minded peers, previous WiRE Hub participants found they accomplished significant results in 12 weeks of the Program.  

The program is free, however what you will have to invest is your passion, time, determination and willingness to progress your own entrepreneurial goal and support other like-minded women.  Prior to being accepted into the program you will be required to attend an induction/Onboarding virtual workshop and then make an agreement between yourself and your facilitator to commit the time and energy to the program and the group.

What is a WiRE Hub?

A WiRE Hub is a highly interactive, participatory pathway for entrepreneurial women to progress their entrepreneurial journeys. The objectives are twofold: Firstly, for participants to set an entrepreneurial intention or outcome and work actively toward this over a 12 week period whilst supported by a group of like-minded peers, mentors and coaches.  Second, to build, share and express knowledge though a process of open dialogue and deep reflection around issues or problems with a focus on goal achievement and accountability

WiRE Hubs take advantage of interactive online and social networking tools to achieve participants' entrepreneurial goals and learning in a collaborative context over distances following a specific timeline from the open to close of the Hub. The achievements of Hub participants are celebrated and showcased (with prior approval from Hub participants) at the formal conclusion of the Hub, although informal continuation of the Hub is encouraged.

During the WiRE Hub program, you will attend facilitated virtual interactive Hub sessions each week for 90 minutes at a specific time (same time every week) to work on your idea individually, with support from your peers, mentor and facilitator. With the valuable support from peers in your Hub and guidance/assistance from the Hub facilitator (and experts and mentors), you will achieve your entrepreneurial idea over a 12 week period.  Each Hub session is designed to help progress your idea/goal/project to a stage that meets your overall objective for the 12 weeks.

What is an example of an intention?

You will need to ensure it is a worthy challenge or outcome for your business , that will have impact and be specific, so you clearly know whether you have progressed in your business journey.

Some examples are:

  • Develop your business model and plan

  • Developing a minimum viable product (prototype)

  • Market an idea/project

  • Build a website or e-commerce platform

  • Develop and launch an e-course

  • Launch a Podcast series

  • Create and implement a digital strategy including systems and automation.

We are extremely excited to see what ideas/goals you would like to work on and develop over the 12 week period!

What's in it for Hub members? 

  • The opportunity to link, share, learn and be supported by like-minded entrepreneurial women that you won't otherwise have access to.

  • The opportunity to be supported by entrepreneurial mentors, coaches and experts.

  • The opportunity to be part of a unique entrepreneurial community where you can learn from each other's mistakes, exchange tips of the trade, pass on knowledge, build connections, learn new business skills and be held accountable for your entrepreneurial progress.

  • Progressing your entrepreneurial intention  in twelve weeks! With 3 major lead measures you set along the way

    This is what a few previous participants had to say about the impact of the Hub program on them:

  • “Participating in the WiRE program gave me the confidence I needed to turn my business idea into reality and start up my own business”  (Vicki Maine, Chinchilla)

  • “I achieved more growth in my business in such a short period of time. I would not have thought so much value and action (with support) was possible in such a short period of time”  (Brenda Foley, Cairns)

  • “I started during the WiRE program and I took that step because I knew that the WiRE program would give me a sounding board for my ideas, for learning what I did not know and to possibly help someone along in their entrepreneurial journey. It’s helping us to build the women up in Gladstone” (Richa Joshi, Gladstone)

  • “I feel that the WiRE program has given me the connections that would help to scale it up. I have however started another business for my husband. I have also improved aspects of my own business”  (Mehan Neilson, Toowoomba)

  • “My venture has come to life in the WiRE program, as that is what I was directly working on in the program. Personally, I have been able to find me. To get something of my very own out of my head and into real life.  I had not only a great facilitator, but the group dynamics was so supportive too. Its sounds cliché bit I have found me and have something great”  (Heather Jonsson, Charters Towers)

  • “Participating in the WiRE program reinforced the skill set I had. It gave me confidence to take action and ask for help when I needed it from women in my network. It has given me freedom to follow my dreams”  (Kym Breeze, Toowoomba)

  • “The WiRE program allowed me to unlock my potential and unleash it in my business. It has given me knowledge to empower other regional business people”  (Sheena Lindholm, Kingaroy)

  • “The WIRE program was a fantastic opportunity which I was fortunate to be able to access at a time of massive transition in my business where I was starting to work on it full time”  (Erica Hughes, Mount Molloy)

Selection Criteria for Becoming a WiRE Hub Member

You are:

  • A regional, remote or rural women who are in the process of starting up your venture or you have a venture and want to grow it.

  • Willing and able to commit for 12 weeks to the WiRE Hubs program and able to meet online with your Hub peers and facilitator for 90 minutes per week at a specific set time?

  • Willing to set clear business/venture and personal intentions and goals for the 12 week program and have the time and focus to work toward these outcomes?

  • Willing to view the recording of WiRE Workshop 1: Prepare To Be Successful On Purpose and complete the relevant tasks? (This workshop on dealing with goal-setting and accountability is a prerequisite to participation in a WiRE Hub) 

  • Open to an exchange of ideas and learning through participating in the WiRE Hubs and associated online forums and events?

  • Ready to embark on a life-changing relationships and join a vibrant peer-mentoring community?

  • Willing to participate in self and program evaluation elements to gauge your progress, experience, and overall evaluation of the program.

Are you interested in becoming a Hub Mentor/Leader? 

As part of the WiRE Hubs program we are seeking expressions of interest from potential members who are interested in becoming a Hub Mentor and who have previous mentoring, coaching or people-facilitation experience.

Why be a WiRE Mentor/Leader?

As a WiRE Hub Mentor, you will have the opportunity to complete a practical and applied process for upskilling mentoring and coaching skills. This is ideal for those women who intend to add a group or individual coaching product to their business or simply would like to upskill their mentoring and coaching skills.

Mentors/Leaders will be able to:

  • Enhance their personal life skills and self-awareness through training and discussion

  • Relate to other entrepreneurial women in a semi-structured environment

  • Develop a panel and network of peers throughout the regions

  • Be a part of an active, caring and supportive group that share common values and beliefs

  • Have access to your own mentor and coach for one-on-one sessions if required

  • Have the opportunity to connect to the Queensland Government’s Women in Business program as a panel mentor for growth.

The role of Hub Mentor/Leader is to:

  • Motivate, encourage and coordinate a cohesive approach in a Hub of 4 - 6 entrepreneurial women

  • Provide mentorship where required in the Hub

  • Facilitating the flow of Hub discussions

  • Act as connector between the Hub and the WiRE Hub coordinator regarding the needs and goals of Hub participants. This may include advocating the needs/issues important to Hub participants to the Hub Coordinator (and where relevant the WiRE Program Director)

  • Coordinate the documentation of the outcomes of your Hub participants. This may include coordinating progress tracking of Hub participants, data collection from Hub participants (where relevant), and contributing to articles and newsletters relevant to the WiRE Program

  • Encourage Hub participants to participate in Hub and WiRE Program activities

  • Promote the success of the Hub to the WiRE Program Team so they can promote the Hub more widely through the Program

  • Collaborate with the WiRE coordinator to assist the Hub and its members to progress their goals.


Below are two previous Hub Participants talking about their experiences in the Hub Program. Also have a look at the experiences of some determined entrepreneurial women who participated in the WiRE Hub Program. See the WiRE 2018 Showcase Series


Hub Program testimonial from Caroline

Hub Program testimonial from Lisa

Please read the information below to better understand the WiRE Hub Program process

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WiRE Hub Program Leader

 Retha is the founder and program director of the WiRE Program. She is also responsible for leading the program, engaging with participants through facilitation and mentoring and executing the research component of the WiRE Program. She has been lucky enough to marry her three main career passions: Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Research and Teaching.  She’s a Professor in Management and Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research Program Leader of one of the key programs in the Institute for Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland.  

She teaches and researches entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity; managing behaviour in organisations; and small business performance.  Her core professional passion is helping women to empower themselves through entrepreneurial behaviour and innovation.  She has extensive experience in leading large entrepreneurship capacity building projects and project teams, both in the national and international arena. For example, in the last five years she has led research and capacity-building projects of over $5m (with significant industry engagement) in the entrepreneurship and small business domain. She sees herself as an "initiator" and entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behaviours are core to the person she is.  She loves writing and has published over 80 research articles and co-authored 11 books on management and behaviour in organisations. She loves working with inquiring minds and individuals who have a passion for self growth. Retha has facilitated several WiRE Hubs in the past with great success.

Retha Image 1.JPG

Tara Jacobsen Neven  (Hub Facilitator)

Tara Jacobsen-Neven is an experienced entrepreneur, business strategist, facilitator, and collective leadership specialist. Tara has over 20 years experience in applying strategy to corporate learning and development, education, business growth and organisational development.  An expert in human and social capital development, Tara uses new insights into providing a strategic approach to building and executing social capital solutions to build more productive, resilient and change agile teams, organisations and communities. Tara’s key fundamental philosophy is that we build human capital value in organisations by enhancing the way we structure our organisations and how we develop our people in order to best operate in the ‘wisdom age’. She has been successful in connecting people and organisations to collaborate to build sustainable and embedded learning which supports organisation and people skill development.  She has a number of years experience as keynote speaker and master of ceremonies at a number of Australian industry conferences on subjects such as leadership, culture development, social and human capital value. She also sits on a number of boards and committees in various roles and volunteers for a number of community groups. Tara contributes frequently to a range of local and state publications and is a regular writer for the international My Entrepreneur e-magazine. She is currently writing a book on the invisible threads that connect people and how to use this for personal and professional development to enhance social capital value.  Tara holds a number of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in business including a Master of Business Administration.  Tara has facilitated several WiRE Hubs in the past with great success.

BIO  Tara Jacobsen.jpg

Joy Taylor (Hub Facilitator)

Joy is the Co-Founder and Community Manager of Canvas Coworking Space in Toowoomba, Qld, where she supports entrepreneurs by creating a collaborative community environment and hosting programmes designed to build capability, capacity and confidence.  In 2016, Joy became a Champion for CoderDojo, creating the local chapter of this international organisation that teaches children how to become creators of technology, by teaching them to read and write code. These activities have resulted in Joy being recognised as an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion in 2016. Joy is excited by the opportunity to learn a lot more about the needs of the people, businesses and communities of Rural, Regional & Remote Queensland as part her role as facilitator in  the WiRE Program to create...connecting women in a way that will encourage collaboration, innovation and disruption to the status quo.  Joy has facilitated several WiRE Hubs in the past with great success.




Unfortunately, the Friday morning Hub is now full. There are still a few more places left for the Thursday night weekly hub at 7.00 pm. If you wish to join the WiRE Hub Program but are unable to attend the Thursday night hub and only the Friday morning hub, then please fill out the form below and where it says “Preferred time to attend the Hub” tick the Friday morning option to join the waiting list and to be informed of when another morning Hub will be conducted again in the future.

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Mentors can also be hub members working on their Gig Rock/Goal.

The WiRE Hub Program is supported by the Advanced Regional Innovation Program (ARIP), inclusive of Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley) and the Queensland Government’s Advancing Women in Business Initiative.


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