The WiRE Forum is under construction. WiRE Program subscribers will be notified as soon as it is functional. 

The WiRE Forum is a place where participants in the WiRE Program can connect, share, help and learn from each other.  It is a place where you can share your entrepreneurial passion(s) and connect with like-minded entrepreneurial women who: are planning to start a business/community venture/project; or/and already run their own venture but would like to grow it; and/or want to progress the organisation they are in and their career, through entrepreneurial behaviour.

The Get WiRED Hub is a forum for all participants in the WiRE Program.

Additional forums will be created as the WiRE Porgram progresses, for example separate forums will be created for the Smart Hubs that will be part of the WiRE Hub Program commencing 31 July 2017.  

Regional Forums will also be created in the near future so entrepreneurial women in the same region can connect with each other.

When you sign up to participate in the WiRE Forum, you will be able to create a profile. Please use the following headings when you write your profile:   

  • What's my big idea? (optional)
  • What's my super power
  • My current role
  • Why I've joined the WiRE Forum and what do I want to achieve out of this 
  • Motto I live by 
  • 3 words to describe me  
  • My current challenges in my business/venture/project
  • Top 3 successes (include one personal) 
  • Best piece of advice I've ever received