Webinar : Scaling for Business Growth

What to Expect

What does it mean to "Scale" your business?

Is your business tied to your personal capacity and capabilities? Are you able to sell to a customer outside of your city? Your state? Your country? Does your team need to be under one roof, or is it possible or practical to use virtual staff? At what point should you think about scaling your business?

The presenter will consider the above questions and others that you want answered when we review scaling your business growth. Whether you just have an idea or are looking at getting to that next stage, we will hear insights from both theory and practical experience.



Anne-Marie Walton

Anne-Marie Walton is a regional entrepreneur creating a positive social impact through Kidswantu, an innovative mobile app which helps busy adults and carers get more quality face-to-face with 2-8 year olds, whilst building their creative thinking and communication skills.  In addition to running her own business, Anne-Marie is Operations Manager at the Fire Station 101 Innovation Hub where she leverages her background of over 20+ years’ experience driving stakeholder partnerships, streamlining processes and maximising resources having grown and managed diverse businesses.



Chad Renando

As the inaugural Community Manager for Ipswich City Council's award-winning Fire Station 101, Chad Renando has supported the growth of Australia's only council-backed innovation hub to over 150 entrepreneur and startup members in the first 12 months. Chad integrates his PhD research and work on ecosystem measurement to define the role that innovation plays in building community resilience, particularly in regional areas. His passion comes out of practical experience, seeing disruption's negative and positive impacts through managing global manufacturing companies and Australian digital agencies over the past 25 years.


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