Join us for the Gladstone WiRE Business Growth Bootcamp

14 & 15 October 2017!


Join us for an awesome 2 Day Intensive Bootcamp with tools and support to explore and test ideas to start or grow your business. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned entrepreneur with a new idea, or an executive looking to bring entrepreneurial thinking into the workplace, you’ll discover how to progress your entrepreneurial journey over two valuable days.  

What to Expect

  • 2 Day (13 hours), intensive Practical Bootcamp with tools and support to explore and test ideas to start or grow your business
  • Interactive group sessions to develop capability and systems to grow your business
  • Practical application of skills, and development of a clear action pathway for implementing new learnings
  • Support from experienced facilitators, mentors and each other

Topics to Be Covered

1.    Knowing Your 'Why'
2.    WiRE on the Web
3.    Your Purpose and Your Customer
4.    Taking Your Product/s to Market
5.    Telling the World
6.    Silencing Your Inner Critic
7.    Show Me the Money
8.    Getting Seriously Social
9.    Bringing It All Together


Oaks Grand Gladstone, 79 Goondoon Street, Gladstone, QLD 4680


Saturday 14 October 9.30am - Sunday 15 October 3.30pm


Day 2: Sunday 15 October 2017

8:00am - Breakfast
9.00am - Bootcamp Start
3.30pm- Bootcamp close

Day 1Saturday 14 October 2017

9.30am - Registration
10.00am– Bootcamp Start
8.30pm – Day End



$90  (Includes:  full 13 hours of Bootcamp, ALL meals, WiRE Playbook and T-Shirt)


Joy Taylor

Joy is the Co-Founder and Community Manager of Canvas Coworking Space in Toowoomba, Qld, where she supports entrepreneurs by creating a collaborative community environment and hosting programmes designed to build capability, capacity and confidence. As the mother of two teenage children, Joy loves to travel with them to experience new environments, cultures and opportunities around the world.


To encourage other mothers to lean in and create opportunities which combine their passion with positive financial outcomes, Joy developed the AIM - Accelerating Innovative Mumpreneurs programme which incorporates a holistic approach to managing business growth with family requirements and personal development, which she facilitates in collaboration with mentors from the local community. To support youth to create a path to make an impact, rather than just get a job, Joy is encouraging youth to explore the opportunities that entrepreneurship and digital knowledge can provide. Joy created Founderfest to provide teenagers with an
entrepreneurship experience, in a guided and supported way, encouraging collaboration with peers and mentors, to recognise their potential by focusing on their strengths and the benefits of being part of a team with others who enjoy different aspects of business development.

In 2016, Joy became a Champion for CoderDojo, creating the local chapter of this international organisation that teaches children how to become creators of technology by teaching them to read and write code. These activities have resulted in Joy being recognised in 2016 as an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion.


Tara Jacobsen-Neven


Tara Jacobsen-Neven is an experienced entrepreneur, business strategist, facilitator, and collective leadership specialist. Tara has over 20 years experience in applying strategy to corporate learning and development, education, business growth and organisational development.  An expert in human and social capital development, Tara uses new insights into providing a strategic approach to building and executing social capital solutions to build more productive, resilient and change agile teams, organisations and communities. Tara’s key fundamental philosophy is that we build human capital value in organisations by enhancing the way we structure our organisations and how we develop our people in order to best operate in the ‘wisdom age’. She has been successful in connecting people and organisations to collaborate to build sustainable and embedded learning which supports organisation and people skill development.  She has a number of years experience as keynote speaker and master of ceremonies at a number of Australian industry conferences on subjects such as leadership, culture development, social and human capital value. She also sits on a number of boards and committees in various roles and volunteers for a number of community groups. Tara contributes frequently to a range of local and state publications and is a regular writer for the international My Entrepreneur e-magazine. She is currently writing a book on the invisible threads that connect people and how to use this for personal and professional development to enhance social capital value.  Tara holds a number of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in business including a Master of Business Administration and will soon be commencing her PhD through USQ.


Questions About the Bootcamp?

Contact Joy Taylor - 0407 584 987 or email

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Our Event Partners apart from the Australian Government

Advancing Women in Business (AWB)

The AWB is an initiative of the Queensland Government.  This initiative encourages and supports more women to start and grow their own businesses by: facilitating and strengthening connectivity between Queensland Government and women’s groups across the State and amongst women’s networking groups; effectively engaging women in Office of Small Business activities such as grants, events and mentoring; boosting women as mentors on the Mentoring for Growth program; and ensuring the tools, skills and opportunities needed by women are available as part of Office of Small Business activities.

Women Connecting Women

Women Connecting Women is partnering with the WiRE Program on this Bootcamp, post a very successful and invigorating WiRE popup workshop held in April.   The economy of Gladstone is changing, and a regular 9-5 job is just not something that is feasible. On the other hand owning your own business, building up on your passion is something that can be a daunting task – this bootcamp is hoping to address those needs and make you, your idea, your product or service shine.